1.         When are your services?

We meet every Sunday morning:

9:00 AM Bible Study
10:00 AM Fellowship
10:30 AM Worship Service

2.         Where are you located?

We are currently worshipping every Sunday morning in the theatre at Lambert High School in Forsyth County, at 805 Nichols Road in Suwanee, GA. Lambert is a new high school in south Forsyth county, located off Old Atlanta Road just 3 miles north of McGinnis Ferry and within 5 miles of exit 13 off Georgia 400.

3.         What should I wear?

We believe that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, and that our gatherings are for the worship of God, so we encourage people to dress in such a way as to be modest and give honor to God. You will find some clothed in suits and dresses, others in business casual, and others casual. It is most important to have our heart clothed in humility and holiness prepared to worship the King of kings.

4.         What is there for my children?

In Sunday morning Bible Study we are currently teaching “Generations of Grace”, book-by-book through the Old Testament. There is childcare provided during the preaching service for children up through age 5. Parents, nevertheless, are welcome to keep their young children with them during the preaching service if they prefer as long as their children are not distracting others around them. We ask parents of young children to be considerate of those near them who are here to worship the Lord and focus on listening to His Word proclaimed.

5.         What type of schooling is promoted by the church?

We greatly appreciate and support parents who are involved with their children’s education. At Grace Community Bible Church we understand that parents hold to different convictions regarding the schooling of their children. The Bible does not mandate how parents are to educate their children. Each family is encouraged to pray and make the best choice for their children and families on biblical principles and the providence of God.

Whichever type of schooling parents choose for their children, they need to do so with humility, biblical conviction (not trendiness, laziness, or indifference), and for the glory of God. The type of schooling parents decide for their children does not define Grace Community Bible Church.

For further information see the following link by Carey Hardy Educated Guess.

6.         How can I get further involved?

Ask any of the leadership team…we have plenty of opportunities to serve.

7.         How do I become a member of Grace Community Bible Church?

Membership begins by talking with our pastor after filling out a Membership Form, a prospective member attends our membership classes, which is followed by signing the church covenant to become a member during one of our worship services.

Grace Community Bible Church Membership Form